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Clients Configuration

ShareX Configuration

Once you are logged in, just go in your profile settings and download the ShareX config file for your account.

Linux/Mac Support

Since ShareX does not support Linux, XBackBone can generate a script that allows you to share an item from any tool:

  • Login into your account
  • Navigate to your profile and download the Linux script for your account.
  • Place the script where you want (ex. in your user home: /home/<username>).
  • Add execution permissions (chmod +x
  • Run the script for the first time to create the desktop entry: ./ -desktop-entry.

Now, to upload a media, just use the right click on the file > “Open with …” > search XBackBone Uploader (XXX) in the app list. You can use this feature in combination with tools like Flameshot, just use the “Open with …” button once you have done the screenshot.

The script requires xclip, curl, and notify-send on a desktop distribution.

Note: XXX is the username of your XBackBone account.