Basic Usage


Some functions that every user that use XBackBone should know:

  • You can hide/publish every upload, once it’s hidden, it’s visible only by yourself.
  • You can download your ShareX configuration file from your profile page.
  • You can upload files directly from the upload page.
  • You can change you upload token anytime.
  • You can export all your uploads in a single zip files in your profile page.
  • (v3.1+) With the right click on the uploaded media, you can select them, and then remove them in bulk.
  • (v3.1+) You can add additional tag to your uploads, clicking on the + button on the media.
  • (v3.1+) You can add you can delete tags, by right-click on them.
  • (v3.1+) You can choose in your profile options if hide the uploads by default.
  • (v3.1+) You can choose in your profile options if always copy the raw url (from the web interface).


In addition, from the system page, and administrator can:

  • Perform maintenance actions.
  • Change theme.
  • Force system languages.
  • Enabled recaptcha.
  • Enable user disk quota.
  • … and more.

In the users page, it can add/remove users, and edit per user configurations.